Cosmetic Dentistry

White fillings


Teeth that are chipped, broken, or have slight gaps may be restored to natural strength with white fillings. At Orion Dental & Implant Centre we invest in the finest dental restorations to keep existing teeth healthy. To find out more about treatment with white fillings, get in touch with us today on 02382 500 500 or book online for an appointment.

Filling cavities to prevent infection

Shallow cavities may be filled using white filling material either of dental composite or ceramics. We are able to replace old metal amalgam fillings that may contain mercury with new white fillings that are safer for health and aesthetically pleasing.

Cavities may form in teeth from tooth wear, dental erosion and tooth decay. Eating foods high in sugar or acid content increases the acid level of our saliva that causes enamel erosion. A fissure sealant may help to protect teeth from decay as may professional teeth cleaning.

Having teeth checked every six months by a dentist will help identify cavities before they develop. The earlier a cavity is treated with a white filling the better to prevent infection and damage to the tooth.

Closing irregularly spaced teeth

Sometimes teeth have spaces between them, not from tooth loss but from dental misalignment or diastema. Front teeth are often affected by diastema and the gap is easily closed using white dental composite or porcelain veneers.

Strengthening damaged teeth

Ceramic fillings or inlays give damaged teeth a boost in strength and look. Teeth may be repaired or reshaped using dental composite and resin bonding, or porcelain ceramics for a fine restoration. Run down teeth affect health and are easily treated with affordable solutions at our practice.

If you feel embarrassed about showing your front teeth when smiling, come and visit us and see how we can help you to improve your smile and self esteem.