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Conscious Sedation


Nervous patients or individuals suffering with dental phobia may receive conscious sedation at Orion Dental & Implant Centre to experience relaxation prior, during and after dental treatment. For some the dentistry experience is enjoyable but for others even the thought of going to a dentist may be traumatic. As a team, we are sensitive to the needs of all individuals visiting our practice. We aim to make the dentistry experience a calm and pleasant one.

Talk with us

If you have fears about the dentist, dentistry treatments or dental environment, talk with us about this. Either give us a call on 02382 500 500 or book an appointment online with us. We look forward to hearing from you and will take your concerns seriously and in confidence.

Not all patients may be eligible for sedation treatment depending on medical history and other factors. Contacting us about sedation dentistry is the first step to finding out what treatment is available for coping with dental phobia, how it works, and benefits for your health.

How conscious sedation works

At Orion Dental & Implant Centre conscious sedation may be administered intravenously. The state of consciousness is dependent on the dosage provided. Our dentist and sedation nurse are expertly trained to deliver the right amounts of medication so that patients may maintain awareness during treatment and still be involved in decisions about their care.

Benefits of conscious sedation

The advantage of conscious sedation is that it gives the patient full control over their dental treatment as consciousness is retained. The medication simply places the patient in a relaxed state, removing all anxieties for a better and safer dental experience. Fears about past dental trauma, needles, painful drilling, insensitive care and losing control are alleviated so that patients receive the dentistry treatment they need for improved oral health and well being.

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