General Treatments

Root Canal


Those with infected teeth may have the infection removed at Orion Dental & Implant Centre for relief from pain and better health. We also offer conscious sedation for nervous persons needing to have root canal therapy. To find out more about tooth infection, root canal treatment and conscious sedation, phone us today on 02382 500 500 or book online for an appointment with a friendly member of our dental team.

Clearing tooth infection

Tooth infections arise from dental decay, over-colonisation of oral bacteria, and gum disease. Immediate dental care after a mouth injury is important to prevent bacterial infection. Once infected, the gum tissue becomes red and inflamed. Teeth may throb with pain. As infection spreads, dental abscesses may form around teeth. Getting rid of tooth infection with antibiotics or root canal treatment is necessary to prevent spread of infection from the mouth to the body, and tooth loss.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is performed by our dentist at our Eastleigh dental practice. Diagnostic tools such as x-rays are used to assess the spread of infection. During treatment under local anaesthetic, the dentist gently drills into the infected tooth and removes the infected dental pulp from the inner tooth. Once drained and clean, the inner tooth is then sealed to protect the tooth from re-infection. Thereafter, the tooth is strengthened back to normal health with a dental restoration.

Restoring tooth structure

Teeth treated with root canal therapy are restored with a dental crown made of porcelain ceramic, zirconium or gold. Porcelain crowns look just like natural teeth once restored. They are bonded to the existing treated tooth surface using dental cement, then polished for a neat finish. Severe damage may result in a tooth having to be extracted to prevent infection. We do all we can to preserve existing teeth with restorations and use extraction as a last resort.