Fees & Offers

*Fees correct as of February 2022


New Patient Examination
(includes 2 intraoral x-rays)
Examination £50.00
Child New Patient Consultation £50.00*
Child Examination £30.00*
Panoral x-ray (as part of the New Patient Exam) £40.00
Small x-ray £15.00
Panoral x-ray £80.00
Emergency Appointment £50.00
Home tooth whitening £395.00
Power whitening £599.00
Set of study models £80.00
Diagnostic wax up (per tooth) £60.00
Night guard £395.00
Michigan splint £720.00
Anti snoring appliance £495.00

*If parents are patients of the practice we normally see children free of charge for their routine examination until age 16 y.o. Paediatric treatments are quoted individually.


Hygienist per session ( 30 minutes ) £60.00
Fissure sealants £35.00


White fillings  
Small white filling £150.00
Medium white filling £200.00
Large white filling from £255.00

Amalgam filling

Small amalgam filling £77.50
Medium amalgam filling £130.00
Large amalgam filling from £200.00

Root canal Treatment

Anterior root filling from £495.00
Premolar root filling from £595.00
Molar root filling from £695.00
Additional charge for ReRoot Canal Treatment £100.00


Crowns/Onlays from £795.00
Veneers from £795.00
Bridges from £795.00
Implants from £2950.00


Full dentures from £1350.00
Full upper or lower denture from £925.00
Partial denture from £715.00
Metal denture from £1195.00
Reline denture £175.00
Addition of tooth/ clasp to denture £135.00
Repair /refix acrylic denture £135.00
Repair (not seen) £85.00


Extraction of tooth £200.00
Extraction (difficult) from £280.00
Removal of lower wisdom from £415.00
Removal of upper wisdom from £200.00
Orthodontic extraction £120.00
Apicectomy of tooth single root from £395.00
Apicectomy of tooth multiple root from £495.00
Sedation – IV (Midazolam) £295.00
Implants (completed) from £2750.00

We accept Debit Cards.

We accept debit cards, and credit cards (except American Express)