Missing Teeth



We offer patients choices in replacing missing teeth with dental restorations. One or more teeth may be lost as a result of injury, tooth decay or gum disease. Dental bridges are one of the options at Orion Dental & Implant Centre used to fill a tooth gap. Other alternatives include crowns, dentures and dental implants.

Types of dental bridges to fill tooth gaps

To fill the space left by a missing tooth or couple of teeth with a traditional bridge, the teeth on either side of the tooth gap may be fitted with dental crowns or dental implants. Precious metal or gold clasps securely fix to the crowns or implants on either side supporting an artificial tooth of porcelain or plastic.

If the teeth on either side of the tooth gap are strong and healthy, a Maryland or resin-bonded dental bridge may be used. Metal bands anchoring a plastic prosthetic tooth are bonded to the neighbouring natural teeth using dental resin. Cantilever bridges are used when the tooth gap appears at the end of a dental arch or when only one tooth is present to which an artificial tooth may be anchored. Maryland or cantilever bridges are ideal for replacing missing front teeth.

Choosing a dental bridge

If a dental bridge is suitable for you, the dentist will take an impression or use digital photography to gain exact specifications for custom-making of your dental bridge. At the next appointment the bridge will be fitted under local anesthetic for a full set of teeth again.

Dental bridges may last ten to fifteen years and – prevent teeth becoming misaligned, allow for normal oral functions such as eating and speaking, and complete the dental arch for a beautiful smile. To find out more about our dental bridges, give us a call on 02382 500 500 or book an appointment with us online.