New Patients


What should I bring to my first appointment?

It is important for your dentist to know your medical history and understand your health needs before your examination, including any prescribed medication. The dentist will also need the name of your doctor, any information about any recent operations and allergies you may have. You can either fill out the online medical history form or print of the PDF and bring it in at your appointment.

Is there any more information I need to tell the dentist?

It is helpful if the dental team know any of your concerns and worries that you may have, so they can you feel at ease.

How long is my appointment?

Your first appointment with the dentist will be 30 minutes, depending on what the dentist finds he may ask you to come back for another appointment.
Let the dental team know what days and times best suit you for appointments.

How often should I see the dentist?

It is important that you see the dentist regularly, when you see your dentist they will recommend how regularly you should see both them and if needed the hygienist.

Why do I need X-rays?

How often X-rays are taken depends on your individual health. Your dentist will review your history, examine your teeth and they will decide if you need any X-rays. At Orion Dental & Implant Centre we have digital X-rays which use an extremely small dose of radiation.

Do I get charged if I miss or cancel an appointment?

There are no fees charged for any appointments cancelled or changed with at least 2 working days notice. When appointment are cancelled with less notice we do our very best to reschedule the time reserved for you with another patient. If we are unable to do this there will be a cancellation fee. However we do understand that illness and emergencies do occur and we do allow for this.

Why do I need to see a hygienist?

A hygienist is trained to carefully remove the hard deposits of tartar that build up on your teeth and they teach you how to prevent it coming back, this goes a long way towards slowing the progress of gum disease. With regular visits and advice from the hygienist your mouth will stay healthy.